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  • Corporate
  • Contracts and Negotiation
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Horizontal Property

Unlike the usual scheme, our Mercantile Department encompasses a wide range of expertise, ranging from contracts, PH configuration of great complexity due to size and structure, concessions, and advice on corporate transactions.

The participation of our lawyers in the design, development and establishment of complex horizontal property schemes, contractual management of large-scale real estate and construction projects, as well as legal support in commercial transactions of great importance, stand out.

Particular focus is given to contracts in the construction, franchise and commercial licensing sectors.

The management and application in the contractual phase of the theories of damage, contractual and tort liability in management mode is one of the best examples of how it has been possible to exercise the right in a practical and above all useful way in the day to day. day of the operation of any of our clients.


  • Work Cycle Management
  • Labor Litigation
  • Regulations
  • Process Implementation
  • Labor consulting

Our Labor Law Department covers the entire life process of the employment relationship, from the stage of creation of the relationship (Requirement-Selection and Hiring) to the management of the employment relationship and its termination. This approach has allowed us to guide all of our clients through difficult historical times.

Our team of labor lawyers focuses on managing the employment relationship. They care that our clients hire well, manage well, and end the working relationship just as well.

Negotiations, Regulations and Labor Processes in various areas are skills that have undoubtedly managed to strengthen this area of the Firm.


  • Registry
  • Defense of Intellectual
  • Civil and Criminal Property Discharge

Today, the protection of intellectual property has become exponential in importance and more than ever it is necessary to take the necessary measures to achieve said protection and its defense. At Cubias & Fung Abogados we can help you not only to register your trademarks but also to defend them.


  • Civil Litigation
  • Litigation and Consumer Jurisdiction
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Portfolio Recovery

No company is exempt from having to participate in litigation. Our Litigation Department, exists for the purpose of acting or defending in favor of the interests of our clients.

In the exercise of this branch of law, one of the most developed specialties is consumer litigation.

Defending the interests of our clients in litigation that arises or develops from the consumer relationship is one of our areas of greatest demand, as is the management of collection and contractual breach.


  • Foundations
  • Disposal and Protection of Assets
  • Risk management

The main objective of a patrimonial structuring is the coherently ordered disposition of a person's patrimony for protection and conservation purposes. It is a mistake to ignore the damaging potential of the lack of order and control when the assets must be disposed of after a disabling situation does not allow us to be personally capable of directing the necessary actions to ensure that all our belongings work for the benefit own or for the benefit of our beneficiaries.

The real work is to design a functional structure based on independent components that provide protection to the heritage and at the same time guarantee of use and transfer in case of temporary or permanent absence.


  • Regularization
  • Permisology
  • Aeronautics
  • Municipal Management
  • Tax Management

Our philosophy is based on a key principle "assist the company as a support service", which motivates us to develop, manage and carry out a whole range of services related to the administrative field.


  • Visa
  • Naturalization
  • Investor
  • Assistance Incentives

Focused not only on managing and obtaining a valid immigration status to stay and work in our country but also on the necessary advice so that the investment benefits from the multiple incentives that immigration legislation offers.


  • Compliance Management
  • Design and Implementation of Risk Management Processes

Cubias & Fung Abogados is recognized as a Compliance Company through Resolución S-EC-010-2020. Our team of advisers focuses on the design of risk management processes in multiple dimensions, including those procedures regulated and required by law, such as the prevention of money laundering.